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!! Announcements !!

  • Upcoming Regional E-Learning Meetings and Workshops:
    • Credit Recovery Practices: we will look at what our regional schools provide their students for credit recovery and what the NYSED regulations allow. Do you have a credit recovery policy or a procedure in your district? How are the recovery grades used? What do you use for recovery content? The outcome of this conversation should allow the E-Learning Service to better meet your specific needs and can provide insight for schools who are thinking about using online resources for their recovery procedures.

      This will be discussed at the Regional Secondary Principals' meeting on April 8th and a follow-up workshop for regional counselors will be scheduled shortly thereafter.

    • Buzz User Training: will be provided for both new users and users who have had some experience with the platform.
      • ACA+ Grant Participants will meet on May 16th [new users] or May 19th [current users]. New user training will include the basics of developing an asynchronous course in the Buzz platform and will provide opportunity for experimentation. Current user training will answer any questions that have come up and will help prepare master & derivative courses for next semester.
      • Training for GST Instructional Support Staff who are developing asynchronous Professional Development courses will meet on April 28th (8-10am) and repeated on April 29th (1-3pm). This will provide an overview of the Buzz LMS as well as time to experiment and learn the system.
  • iTutor is now available to be purchased through the E-Learning Service!
    • iTutor can provide synchronous virtual tutoring services to your students. This can be for academic support, suspension tutoring, or any other reason.
    • GST regional pricing is confidential per our NYS contract.
    • See our Virtual Tutoring page for more information.
  • Planning for 2022-2023 Distance Learning Courses is ongoing.
    • Have a need for 2022-2023? Please let us know!
    • Do you want to offer electives with very low registration numbers? Distance Learning can help!
    • NEW for 2022 -- We're working on implementing a new procedure that would provide a financial incentive to a district who shares a teacher for a regional course.
  • Edgenuity is now called Imagine Learning
    • If you are using the Edgenuity product, you will begin noticing their logo and information is changing to their new company name: Imagine Learning.
      • This will not change anything that you've already got in place; it will only change what you see.
  • Apex Learning has been bought out by Edmentum.
    • The ApexVS platform will remain active at least through the end of 2022-2023, per discussions with the company. Some content will be updated or "ported over" from the other system.
    • In 2023-2024 we will more than likely see a new platform with pieces and parts from both of these companies.
    • As part of this merger, 3rd party content will be changing. Please check the website for specific course information.