the GST BOCES E-Learning Service - About Us


  • To provide regional students and educators access to high-quality, collaborative, data-informed, cost-effective, and inclusive opportunities for teaching and learning through the use of internet-based technologies.


  • Harnessing the power of modern virtual learning technologies and processes to enhance education.

  • This service will:
    • Provide districts with the support and training required to locate appropriate educational videoconferencing opportunities, plan implementation strategies, and support integration of distance, online, and/or blended learning across the curriculum.
    • Assist districts in the design, development, utilization, management, and evaluation of E-Learning initiatives, programs, learning spaces, and related technologies.
    • Represent the GST BOCES region at applicable regional, state, and/or national events and conferences.
    • Operate within the NYSED-supplied CoSER guidelines and within the bounds of our approved Service Plan.
    • Remain compliant with all applicable NYS Commissioners' Regulations, the guidelines of NYS Education Law 2d, and any other mandates such as FERPA, CIPA, and COPPA. (download training PDF)
    • Create materials -- including this website -- that are accessible to as many users as possible and meet the specifications of the GST BOCES Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion policy. To do this, we use best practices as suggested by the a11y compliance checklist:


  • The E-Learning Service is one of the many services offered through the Instructional Support branch of GST BOCES. The current iteration of this service is comprised of the former Online Learning and Distance Learning services.
  • Budgeting Information:
    • Schools participating in the E-Learning Service will have one base participation fee (budget code 430.000) and can use a discretionary budget line (430.001) for district-specific expenses.
    • The base fee to participate in this service is calculated annually based on a districts' previous 2 years RWADA.

      The base covers the expenses needed to run the basic service. This includes staffing expenses, technology equipment and supplies, office expenses, membership fees, and other things that are used to benefit all participants or maintain the service.
    • GST BOCES does not mark up any costs for items purchased through this service to our component districts.
  • Participation in the GST BOCES E-Learning service is available to New York State public school districts.
  • This program, by NYS CoSER definition, operates from September through June (NYS Criteria Guideline #5587)
    • What does this mean for summer programming?

      Under the current structure, all summer programming is coordinated through the GST BOCES Office of Summer School. Schools who have purchased 12-month subscriptions for online learning platforms or content can use them in the summer months without the direct support of the E-Learning Service. Virtual Teachers provided through the E-Learning service are not available during summer months.
  • There are many different BOCES across the great state of New York. To see a list of BOCES and the E-Learning Services they provide (including Virtual Academies) please see the NYS BOCES Information page.


  • The GST BOCES E-Learning Service is proud to be associated with the following organizations and groups:
NYS Distance Learning Consortium

New York State
Distance Learning
NYS Distance Learning Contract Consortium
New York State
Distance Learning
Contract Consortium
via Erie1 BOCES
NYS Zoom Administrators' Group
New York State
Zoom Administrators
via Erie2 BOCES
NYS Learning Network

New York State
Learning Network

GST BOCES Component Districts

Contact Information:

GST BOCES E-Learning Service
Mary Ann Munroe, Coordinator
9579 Vocational Drive
Painted Post, NY 14870