General Buzz Information

Agilix Buzz is a Learning Management System. You may have seen Schoology, Canvas, Blackboard, Moodle, or many other LMS's... what sets Buzz apart from the crowd is the manner in which all content can be managed in a heirarchical system. Buzz is one of the most-used online content creation programs for commercial vendors in the US; they do not focus their marketing efforts at K-12 schools, which is why this platform is not more familiar to many NYS educators. The platform is top-notch and works great for our asynchronous courses.

GST BOCES has joined the NYS Learning Network group which is led by a team at Oneida-Herkimer-Madison BOCES. The NYS Learning Network is a partner of the Agilix company, meaning we have quick access to support and developers at the company.

A district can choose to use Buzz internally - please reach out to the E-Learning Coordinator for information about an effort like that. The LMS could be "turned on" for a class, a school, or an entire district and populated with users in only a few hours. Integrating ready-made content from many different vendors can quickly and easily be done either through LTI or Buzz-Native access rights.

Getting Started

  • Setting Up your Account:
    The video below will walk you through signing in for the first time, changing your password, adding a profile picture, and setting your communication preferences.

Students: Taking a Class

  • Joining & Accessing a Course:
    There are a few different ways to access a class being offered on a Buzz LMS. You need to have an account on the Buzz system before you can be added to a course. This is generally created for you by the site coordinator or your teacher.
    • If the teacher sent you an email with a registration code, you can simply follow the instructions in the email to self-register for the class.
    • If you have the code (but no email), log into Buzz and click on your profile picture in the upper-right of the screen. From that menu select "Enroll in Course" and enter the code.
    • Alternately, your teacher may choose to enroll you themselves.
  • The Student User Interface & Navigation:
    The video below will highlight the different areas that are accessible from the Student App.

  • Communicating with your Teacher:
    The video below will provide information on how (and when) to communicate with your online teacher.

  • Course Activities:
    The video below will provide information about accessing and working with the activities in your courses.

  • Gradebook:
    The video below will provide information about your grades in your classes.

Teachers: Creating a Class

While we are working on developing GST-specific training materials, please check out the materials created by Jennifer Parzych at our partner OHM BOCES. Although there may be a few differences, her videos will get you started in the right direction!

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