Criteria 5877

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Guideline Title: Distance Learning
Criteria Guideline Number: 5877
Date Issued: 06/01/1998
Date Amended: 07/14/2017
School Year Effective: 1998-99
Scope of Service:

BOCES operates a program of academic instruction for two or more districts using interactive technologies. BOCES is responsible for design and operation of the interactive system, for the management of instruction, reporting student achievement to participating districts, and for evaluation of the service.

Service Descriptors
Class/Division: General Education (13)
Type Student: General (31), Gifted (33)
Delivery Method: Central Service
Time Period: September-June (42)
Location: BOCES Center (11), District Classroom (12), Other, Specify (13)
PSN Range: 400-499
Level: K-12
Standards for Approval
General Requirements

Compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and general guidelines.

Specific Requirements
  • Staff members providing instruction must hold an appropriate teaching certificate. Individuals who do not meet this requirement must work under the direct supervision of a certified teacher.
  • Service delivery standards and service delivery agreements must be prepared as outlined in the attached document.
Service Plan Required

A service plan must be submitted with the initial application for approval. The service plan must describe: the service provided, the role of BOCES staff in the management and operation of the program, the role of consultants and/or contract services in the provision of the program, the basis for which participants are billed, and the additional elements listed below.

Additional Service Plan Elements
  • An explanation of how BOCES staff manage the instruction provided, including how staff are selected and supervised.
  • Evidence of plans for an annual program review by a committee of secondary school principals to determine equivalency of instruction and student eligibility for credit.
  • Evidence that the service meets the following criteria contained in Education Law §1950(4)(bb).
    • The proposed service will provide additional opportunities for pupils, including those with handicapping conditions.
    • The proposed service will provide cost savings to participating districts, exclusive of additional aid.
    • The proposed service will ensure a greater or more appropriate use of facilities by BOCES.
  • An itemization of equipment to be used in the service, indicating the location of the respective equipment items, and a diagram illustrating the interconnection of the equipment.
Contracts for Staff
  • Expenditures for staff secured pursuant to written agreements with public post-secondary institutions will be eligible for BOCES aid if the following conditions are met:
    • BOCES can demonstrate that qualified employees are not available. 
    • BOCES can demonstrate that BOCES staff will be responsible for supervision of instruction.
    • The contract staff do not assume BOCES responsibility for operation and management of the program.
    • The contract provides for payment of a flat amount based on the elements of service purchased.
    • The contract staff are selected on the basis of instructional skill.
Aid Criteria
  • School district expenditures for renovation or operation and maintenance of "tele-classrooms" are not eligible for BOCES aid.
  • Student materials are not eligible for BOCES aid.

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