What is BOCES? a RIC? a JMT?

  • BOCES stands for Board of Cooperative Educational Services. As the name suggests, the purpose of a BOCES is to provide shared educational opportunities to component school districts.
  • BOCES are arranged by regions, often loosely based on county or geographical borders.
  • The legal name for GST BOCES is actually "S.S.C.T.A. BOCES", derived from the counties served: Schuyler, Steuben, Chemung, Tioga, and Allegany. DBA: "Greater Southern Tier (GST) BOCES".
    • Parts of Allegany County are part of Cattaraugus-Allegany BOCES, parts of Steuben County belong to Genesee Valley BOCES, and parts of Tioga County belong to Broome-Tioga BOCES. GST encompasses all of Chemung and Schuyler counties.
    • BOCES directory information and maps can be found here: www.BOCES.org
    • More information about BOCES (and CoSERs) from the NYS Education Department: All About BOCES
  • In New York State there are (12) different Regional Information Centers (RICs), each made up of component BOCES'.
    • note: GST BOCES and the GST RIC are unique in the state; GST BOCES is the only BOCES in NY whose component districts are split between two RICs - GSTRIC and WNYRIC. While most RICs are comprised of more than one BOCES, the GST RIC does not include a complete BOCES. Due to this odd configuration, many services and processes in the GST region may look different than they do in other regions throughout the state.
  • Another collaborative BOCES group is called a Joint Management Teams (JMTs). These are, strangely, not always aligned with the RICs. GST BOCES belongs to the Mid-South JMT with BT BOCES, DCMO BOCES, and ONC BOCES.

BOCES Virtual Learning Academies in NYS

  • Virtual Learning Academies (VLAs) in New York State are administered by BOCES organizations who choose to offer them. These academies are offered to school districts to enroll students into - they are not charter schools or standalone public schools. Parents or students cannot register themselves. Every BOCES-affiliated school district in the state has the choice whether or not to offer Virtual Learning Academy enrollments to their students; often there needs to be extenuating circumstances for a district to consider this option as there is considerable cost to enroll students in these programs.

    There is currently no regulation that requires a district to consider the use of a VLA for any student, nor is there a requirement for a BOCES to offer a VLA option.

  • A list of VLAs in NY (this list subject to change; may not include every active Virtual Learning Academy):

    Synergy Virtual High School, CiTi BOCES Program Website Notes: Very mature program, offers many college course options.
    Virtual Learning Academy, Broome-Tioga BOCES Program Website Notes: Very active leaders in NYS VLA groups.
    Cooperative Virtual Learning Academy (CVLA), Capital Region BOCES Program Website Notes: Participating schools are asked to provide teachers, if possible. Unique model.
    Home-Based Interactive Virtual Education (HIVE), OHM BOCES Program Website Notes: OHM BOCES is a state leader in video-based distance learning courses, especially in Foreign Language areas.
    eLearning Academy, Cayuga-Onondaga BOCES Program Website Notes: ...
    Distance Learning: Remote Program, ONC BOCES Program Website Notes: ...
    eAcademy, Erie 1 BOCES Program Website Notes: Offered through the Erie 1 CTE / Alt Ed program.

BOCES Directory

Name of BOCES RIC Affiliation JMT Affiliation E-Learning Service Virtual Academy
Broome-Tioga South-Central Mid-South Online & Distance Learning Virtual Learning Academy
DCMO BOCES South-Central Mid-South Online & Distance Learning
ONC BOCES South-Central Mid-South Online Learning DL Remote Program
Onondaga-Cortland-Madison Central New York eLearning
CiTi Central New York Distance Learning SYNERGY Virtual High School
Tompkins-Seneca-Tioga Central New York
Cayuga-Onondaga Central New York Online Learning Community College Courses eLearning Academy
Eastern Suffolk BOCES Eastern Suffolk Virtual Learning
Genesee Valley EduTech Distance Learning
Wayne-Finger Lakes EduTech AccelerateU.org Online Learning
Greater Southern Tier Greater Southern Tier &
Western New York
Mid-South E-Learning
Putnam Northern Westchester Lower Hudson Distance Learning
Southern Westchester Lower Hudson
Rockland BOCES Lower Hudson
Orange-Ulster Mid Hudson E-Learning
Dutchess County Mid Hudson
Sullivan County Mid Hudson E-Learning
Oneida-Madison-Herkimer Mohawk Distance Learning OHM HIVE
Monroe One Monroe Distance Learning
Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES Monroe Distance Learning
Nassau BOCES Nassau Center for Online Learning
Capital Region BOCES Northeastern Distance Learning Cooperative Virtual Learning Academy
Champlain Valley Educational Services Northeastern
Franklin-Essex-Hamilton Northeastern
Hamilton-Fulton-Montgomery Northeastern
Questar III Northeastern
St. Lawrence-Lewis Northeastern
Washington-Saratoga-Warren-Hamilton-Essex BOCES Northeastern
Erie 1 Western New York Distance Education eAcademy
Erie 2-Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Western New York Distance Learning
Orleans-Niagara Western New York Distance Learning
Cattaraugus-Allegany (CA) BOCES Western New York Distance Learning