the GST BOCES E-Learning Service - Information for Parents and Students

Our Service Structure

  • This BOCES service cannot work directly with a parent or student who wishes to enroll in an E-Learning course. The local school district must choose to participate in our program, and the solutions that we offer are only done on behalf of our participating schools' administration.
    • There are currently no state or federal regulations requiring a school to offer online, distance, or blended learning opportunities. Many school districts have built programs or adopted policies for credit recovery and/or credit accrual through these methods.
    • All financial resources for this program come directly from the school districts who choose to participate.
    • There are many reasons a school district may (or may not) choose to use this service. Every school approaches e-learning a little bit differently.
    • Some schools purchase online course content through our service but manage all implementation aspects of their online programs on their own.
  • Although classes are offered through GST BOCES, your local district is responsible for granting course credit. This is not considered a full-BOCES program, such as our Career & Technical Education programs, but rather individual e-learning courses offered through a BOCES service.

Parent & Student Resources

Who to Contact

  • General Information & Platform-Specific Support:
    • Questions abour our services or any of our provided software platforms, such as Apex/Edmentum, Edgenuity/Imagine Learning, Buzz, or iTutor, should be directed to the E-Learning Coordinator. However, please see the resources area above for answers to the most common technical questions.

      Mary Ann Munroe, E-Learning Services Coordinator
      ☎ 607.654.2112 (internal extension: 7002112)
  • E-Learning Course Support:
    • If you are taking an online or distance learning course, any questions about the content should be directed to the teacher who has been assigned to work with you. In some cases this is a GST BOCES teacher, in other cases it is a teacher in your local school district. If you do not know your teacher's contact information please reach out to either your school counselor or the GST BOCES E-Learning Coordinator.
  • Device / Hardware Support:
    • Hardware support will differ depending on what hardware you are using:
      • Personal Devices: no support other than advice will be provided for personal device support, including privately-owned cell phones or tablets.
      • School-Owned Devices should be supported by the technology department in the school that issued the device. When filling out a request for support, please be as specific as possible about the problem.
      • BOCES "DL Rooms" are supported by the GST BOCES Computer Services Team:
        GST BOCES Helpdesk
        ☎ 607.739.3581 x-1324 (internal extension: 7001324)
    • Many hardware issues can be solved by shutting down and restarting the system. Check and make sure your cables are plugged in tightly (and correctly), your power adapter is plugged in or the battery charged to an acceptable level, and you are using the correct login credentials.