the GST BOCES E-Learning Service - Online and Blended Learning Page

Overview of Online Learning

  • This service offers students and educators in the GST region the opportunity to work with online coursework in various capacities:
    • Schools can enroll students into individual Online courses for purposes of credit recovery, credit accrual, blended learning, or content review.
    • Educators can create coursework to be offered either through either Blended (part-traditional/part-online) or Online-only methods.
    • Schools can create and provide Training and Professional Development using these services.
  • To support this, GST BOCES employs part-time NYS-certified educators who can act as the "Teacher of Record" for student courses when a certified teacher is not available in the district.
  • We also offer professional development and support for all aspects of your district Online & Blended Learning needs.

NYS Credit Regulations for E-Learning

  • How can Online Learning be useful in the awarding of high school credit? In addition to regular credit accrual, an online course can:
    • help prepare a student to get Credit by Examination.
    • be used as the primary content for an Independent Study credit.
    • target a student's deficiencies to allow for Unit or Credit Recovery.
    • allow a student to prep for standardized tests or industry certificates

  • The New York State Education Department recognizes the need for various options for students to obtain high school credits. The charts linked below are derived from the NYS Part 100.5 regulations and work initially done by the NERIC Region Online/Blended Learning Subcommittee and more recently updated by the NYS Distance Learning Consortium.

  • Click on the thumbnails below to open the full-size documents in a new window.
    NYS Credit Regulations
    NYS Regulations for
    Awarding Credit relating to
    Online/Blended Coursework
    Best Practices for using E-Learning to meet these requirements
    Best Practices for
    using E-Learning
    to meet these requirements

Student Courses and Resources

  • Student courses are available through several vendors including (but not limited to) Apex Learning, Edgenuity, eDynamic Learning, and Pointful Education. Due to the large number of courses that we are able to offer, our program is flexible enough to meet a wide array of needs.

    Most courses are available in a variety of formats:
    • Course-only. This option would work great for a blended-learning environment where a teacher will be available to use the online materials as part of the curriculum.
    • Course-with-Teacher. This includes the course as well as someone to who can teach (or oversee) the course.
      • Vendor-Provided teachers are available in numerous solutions. Most often these teachers cannot be used to satisfy the "Teacher of Record" requirement, but could be used in the case of Independent Study courses or for test prep or review. These teachers are paid as part of the service agreement with the vendor.
      • GST BOCES-Provided teachers can be used when no local teachers are available. These teachers are certified in the subject areas in which they teach and are able to be used as the "Teacher of Record" per NYS requirements. These teachers would incur an extra cost to the requesting district and are paid in addition to the cost for the online courses.
    • Site Licensing. This is where a school or district might purchase access for all students in the school. This is used very often for blended learning or when the price for a site license is lower than the price for a large number of individual licenses. Costs can be based on total enrollment of a school or they can be a flat rate from the vendor.
    • Concurrent Seat Licensing. This is when a school might purchase a number licenses to be used in a computer lab throughout the day. There is no limit to the total number of students who use the service, but no more than the purchased number could use the program at any given time. This is a great option if one staff member or department wants to use an online course as part of their daily program within the class.

Learning Management Systems

  • Learning Management Systems are an integral part of the Online Learning experience. According to Ryann K. Ellis in Field Guide to Learning Management Systems (2009, ASCD Learning Circuits), "A learning management system (LMS) is a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, and delivery of educational courses, training programs, or learning and development programs."

    This service currently supports two different LMS implementations - Buzz and Schoology.
  • Buzz is managed at the BOCES level and any district participating in the Online Learning service can purchase licenses for their teachers to use it. Buzz is used for regional Professional Development and student-facing courses for both online and blended learning.

    Several of the districts in the GST region have chosen to adopt the Schoology platform. In these cases the software licensing, management, and training occurs at the district level.

    In addition, some of our course vendors (Apex Learning, Edgenuity) provide their own proprietary LMS for students who are enrolled in their classes.