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!! Announcements !!

  • Virtual Academy Options:
    • Although we have decided not to pursue a fully-online Virtual Academy, there are others in the state who are accepting certain enrollments from school administrators across the state. The NYS BOCES page will have those 2022-2023 Virtual Academies highlighted in blue.
    • Please contact the E-Learning Coordinator for specific information about these academies.
    • note: not all school districts choose to utilize these options, and oftentimes there are many specific requirements to be enrolled in a virtual academy program.
  • E-Learning Website Updates:
    • Credit Recovery Practices: A lot of questions have been asked about how schools can provide opportunities for their students to use an online course for the purpose of credit recovery. There are a lot of variables to this, and we've created a new section on the Online & Blended Learning page to address this.

    • Buzz User Training is now available via a series of videos (soon to be embedded into an actual Buzz course.) This Buzz training page is available from the bottom of the Online & Blended Learning page.

      The courses offered as part of the ACA+ Grant are being placed into Buzz, which is GST BOCES' choice for a regional Learning Management System.

    • iTutor is now available to be purchased through the E-Learning Service! Please see our Virtual Tutoring page for more information.
  • Planning for 2022-2023 Distance Learning Courses is ongoing.
    • Have a need for 2022-2023? Please let us know!
    • Do you want to offer electives with very low registration numbers? Distance Learning can help!
    • NEW for 2022 -- We're working on implementing a new procedure that would provide a financial incentive to a district who shares a teacher for a regional course.
  • Edgenuity is now called Imagine Learning
    • If you are using the Edgenuity product, you will begin noticing their logo and information is changing to their new company name: Imagine Learning.
      • This will not change anything that you've already got in place; it will only change what you see.
  • Apex Learning has been bought out by Edmentum.
    • The ApexVS platform will remain active at least through the end of 2022-2023, per discussions with the company. Some content will be updated or "ported over" from the other system.
    • In 2023-2024 we will more than likely see a new platform with pieces and parts from both of these companies.
    • As part of this merger, 3rd party content will be changing. Please check the website for specific course information.