• Providing regional students and educators access to high-quality learning opportunities through the use of internet-based technologies.

Our Service will:
  • provide districts with the support and training required to locate appropriate educational video conferencing opportunities, plan implementation strategies, and support integration of distance and online learning across the curriculum.
  • assist districts in the design, development, management, and evaluation of distance, online, or blended learning spaces and technologies.
  • represent the GST region at applicable regional, state, and/or national events and conferences.
  • operate within the NYS-approved COSER guidelines for both Online (Virtual) Learning and Distance Learning.

  • Distance and Online Learning Support Services are available under GST BOCES Cooperative Service (COSER) agreement 430. Schools may currently choose to participate in Distance Learning (430.000/430.001) and/or Online Learning (430.007/430.008) services independently of one another.

    This program, by NYS COSER definition, operates from September through June.

    This COSER is included as one of the many high quality programs provided by the GST BOCES Instructional Support Services department. Please visit the GST BOCES home page to learn more about the many services provided by our organization!

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